Roger at Laguna Seka



  Roger L. doing MINI time at Laguna Seca


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Roger lives in the S.F. bay area and enjoys driving his wife's ( sorry about that Rog...LOL..LOL..)  "S" equipped Mini,  not to mention his M-5 "Bimmer"  at the local tracks in "non timed events" . According to Roger, driving an "S" Mini is a world of it's own.  Just to cool. Here are some photos of a day at the track (Laguna Seca) "wringing out" the Mini....... 

 Entering the course  wpe25.jpg (37101 bytes) and "banging it" right out of the gate!!

  wpe8.jpg (33132 bytes) wpeC.jpg (36058 bytes) wpe19.jpg (34586 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (37033 bytes)My laps were 

laps getting faster and faster while holding off some of the local competition. 


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Fighting off the competition in "the cork screw"!!! 

Some other "week end hardware"

wpe23.jpg (39607 bytes) 

Feeling GOOD, and just "gettin it" 

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Some of the other week end warriors, and a bit of 

American Muscle 






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