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A day before new years day (12/30/99) I moved on o my land. I had made an unsuccessful attempt at building a design (ten sided building) but didn't have ANY idea as to how much it cost to build something. As a result I "moved over" and built a little house. 

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Kerosene lamps provided most of my light, and ALL heat was provided by a wood stove. I had visquine (2 mill. plastic) instead of windows, and any water in the house would freeze when it was cold out side. Life was tough. 

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It was two stories of house that12 foot wide, and 20 feet long.

My baths were taken in a 75 gallon stock tank, and it was filled with rain water that I collected from the roof. Hot water was heated on my gas BBQ, in a 5 gallon wash tub. I still have the stock tank and it is still "working"... 

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 I didn't have money for either windows, or heat, or plumbing. Those first years were spent hauling water (no well or running water) while using the "outhouse" in the woods.

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A lot of the building was done with wood that I salvaged from old houses that were being torn down.





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