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  Roger L. doing MINI time at Laguna Seca


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For a few years I was in the boat repair biz. Having grown up building surf boards, and sail boats fiber glass work was (and is) well know to me. For some reason I just assumed that EVERY one knew how to do this work but I was soon to find out that it just wasn't so.

wpe42.jpg (12892 bytes)  wooden boat build 

After repairing a neighbors boat (redoing the bottom, and then re-metal flaked the top) I then went in to the boat fixing, and building biz. I had some Fun, and made a few bucks. 

As word of my skills got around I started to get calls, and receive boats from neighboring states as well as the one that I (now) live in. here are a few photos of some to the work that I did, and how it turned out. 

  wpe39.jpg (16078 bytes)  Day cruiser re-jell-coat

I have included photos of a boat that I was building, and photos of a 24 foot day cruiser that I did a 50 color fade on. From pure purple to pure white. All this was done in Jell-coat.   





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